About Mr. Ricky Kok

Founder and Managing Director of Chang Cheng Group, Ricky Kok, firmly believes in the ethos of giving back to stakeholders.
He asserts that the organisation has a greater responsibility than making money for its shareholders. He believes he has a responsibility to his employees and customers, and insists that employees who helped create wealth have a moral right to the share of that wealth.
He practises what he preaches by sharing profits with his employees.
It was this sense of connectedness to the organisation and the society that brought him to where he is today.

Ricky Kok

Founder and Managing Director

Delphine Lim

Executive Director

About Ms. Delphine Lim

Ms. Delphine Lim believes and hopes that every employee in the company can find happiness at work and personal life while working together in bringing the company to the next level.
Back in 1994, Ms. Lim who was still an office worker started helping Mr. Ricky Kok at his Chinese Vegetable Rice stall every day after her work. Having the belief in helping him to fulfill his dream, she eventually left her office job in 1996 and started working full time at the first Chang Cheng Mee Wah Coffeeshop.
Married to Mr. Ricky Kok in 1996, they continued to work tirelessly in developing the business. This journey wasn’t easy, having to juggle between family life and business, many a time they would spent the whole day from 6am to 12am at the coffeshops and stalls.
20 years of labouring with Mr. Ricky Kok,bringing Chang Cheng to what it is today. Having a group of talented senior management team managing the company’s operations; Ms. Lim currently focuses more of her time in taking care of the family while Mr Ricky Kok continues to develop the business. To ensure the smooth operation of the office team, Ms. Lim would cater more of her time working closely with the group’s Chief-of-Administration to help each other understand the office needs.

About Mr. Yap Wing Sang

Mr. Yap started off his career as a chef in both local and overseas market at a young age of 18 years old. He has worked in businesses in Malaysia and Hong Kong and has over 24 years in the food and beverage industry. His specialty is in Chinese cuisine.
As there is always a lack of good chefs in the food industry, Mr. Yap believes in the training of staff. He has groomed many chefs throughout his career.
In Chang Cheng, Mr. Yap is directly involved in the logistics and procurement thus, controlling and maintaining the quality of food standards. He is in charge of all operation issues, including the daily operations of all the food stalls as well as the operating processes in the central kitchen.

Yap Wing Sang

Executive Director